7 mm Flobert

I got this nice little can of 7mm Flobert from B.M.

My question is : for how long and by whom was the 7mm Flobert produced?

Lars, very nice find, thanks for sharing. The manufacturer is Badische Munitionsfabrik G.m.b.h. in Durlach, Germany. Regards, Fede.

The Badische Schrot und Gewehrpropfenfabrik of Durlach founded in 1888, merged with Durlacher Zundhutchen und Patronenfabrik in 1904. to become the Badische Munitionsfabrik. later in 1906 to merge with Gustav Genschow. *Brandt.

Jim Buchanan

I have as early as 1897 for Germany, Belgium and France, 1893 for England


I say thanks a lot for the information. I have found that the 7mm Flobert was sold as late as in 1925 also.

Nice find… would love to buy if you ever want to sell them