7 mm french revolver?

I would like to know if this cartridge is a 7 mm french revolver or something else.
Its dimensional data:
Rim diam:8.98 mm
Base diam:7.55 mm
neck diam:7.50 mm
bullet diam:7.46 mm
case L:12.97 mm
OAL:20.94 mm


.30 short rimfire ?

That’s because I have post my question,I can’t actually even say if this is a CF or a RF cartridge.The rim is almost thick…
However 30 short dimensional data are very similar to those of my sample


This case is also very similar to the 7mm Dumonthier Sarbacane which was produced as Internally primed CF. The bullet also has a “French” look about it.

I haven’t got the 7 mm dumonthier cartridge in my files.Could you post some dimensional data and a picture of it please?However on 9 mm dumonthier cartridges there was a “D” in the headstamp that tells it from other cartridges.I think that a similar hds should be also on the 7 mm version


The dimensions are close to a 30 Short RF. The case is slightly shorter than most 30 short. Looking at the picture it appears to be a brass case. All the 30 shorts I have (US manufactured) have copper case. It could be a .297 rimfire. I don’t know if they were ever made using brass cases. Again all the ones I have are copper (but I don’t have that many). The rim looks thicker than any of the .297 RF I have. I would guess inside primed.


Yes,it has a brass case.However rim thickness is:1,27 mm


[quote=“Pivi”]Yes,it has a brass case.However rim thickness is:1,27 mm

Hi Pivi

  1. are you sure of your bullet diameter ?
  2. could you put a view seing the rim profil ?


Hi JP,
bullet diameter ranges from 7.46 to 7.47 mm
The neck of the case is heavy crimped,however the first cylyndrical portion besides the crimp measures 7.50 to 7.51 mm
I will post the required picture later


your measurements are excatly the ones of a 30 Sharps RF except the bullet diameter which is a little bite too important.
I would like to see the rim profile to be sure

Here you have some pictures of the rim

it is not a 30 sharps made by SFM.(the top of the rim is flat)

If it really is an inside primed round I’d list it as “7 mm french revolver”.


Here is a comparison of similar case types:

7mm French Rev
(CF or IP)
bullet: 7.23-7.7 mm
neck : 7.5-8.0 mm
Base : 7.7- 8.1 mm
Rim : 8.62-9.3 mm
case : 14.7-16.65 mm
rim th: 1.0-1.2 mm

7mm Dumonthier
bullet: 7.3-7.53 mm
neck : 7.6-7.72 mm
Base : 7.7-7.8 mm
Rim : 8.85-9.0 mm
case : 11.35-11.5 mm
rim th: 1.1-1.2 mm

7mm Canne
bullet: 7.3-7.65 mm
neck : 7.6-7.75 mm
Base : 7.7-7.75 mm
Rim : 8.65-8.9 mm
case : 11.2-12.6mm
rim th: 1.05-1.15 mm

(IP ?)
bullet: 7.46 mm
neck : 7.50 mm
Base : 7.55 mm
Rim : 8.98 mm
case : 12.97 mm
rim th: 1.27 mm

Your example doesn’t exactly fit in either of these. However, E&B gives the case length of the 7mm French Revolver as 14.7-16.65mm, the ECRADBV gives 14.6-16.65mm which is significantly longer than your case.

I still believe that the 7mm Dumonthier is a better candidate but we can never be sure. The Dumonthier is known with a variety of hs. No hs examples are not known but are quite possible - your hs looks like it may have had lettering which has been worn/polished off ??

No,the base seems to have never had any hds.It isn’t worn or polished off.However consider that this case has a heavy crimp.According to me the real case lenght is about 13.5 mm or so due to the neck portion folded to the bullet

I would add :

30 Sharps RF :
bullet: 7.25 - 7.27
neck: 7.50 - 7.55
base: 7.50 - 7.55
rim: 8.90 - 9.00
case length: 13.00 - 13.20
rim thickness: 1.15 - 1.20
total length : 20.00 - 20.20

The rim is round but with a flat top
(Ref : SFM drawing 11002 from September 1899)

Hi JP,
according to you my round is a CF or an IP one?


[quote=“Pivi”]Hi JP,
according to you my round is a CF or an IP one?


No idea .
It is enough difficult when you have the ctgs in your hands !
yours are brass or coppered brass (and the copper is gone with age)?
many SFM ctges look copper but in fact are coppered brass.

Pivi here is the drawing of the 30 sharps RF.
I cannot do anything better.
When I will cross yhe other reference ctges I will post them
check the rim profile

I agree.The rim profile is completely different.I think it is plain brass case.I had several cartridges that had lost their copper “surface”,but you can see some little reddish spots all over their cases.No spots in my sample
However,Thanks to all