7 mm Lefaucheux with different case length

Today I receive some 7 mm Lefaucheux pinfire cartridges. When I check them I was surprised that all has the different length
I am not familiar with Pinfire cartridges and decided to ask collegues who collect this type of ammo:

  1. Why cartridges on the pictures has a different length, i.e. does it means something or it’s only different manufacturers standards?
  2. Is it possible to identify the manufacturer of each cartridge?
  3. Is it possible to identify the period when cartridges where made?

May be some data can help:

Specimen 1
Overall length - 22,32 mm
Case length - 15,60 mm
Base diameter - 7,86 mm
no headstamp
copper case

Specimen 2
Overall length - 21,68 mm
Case length - 15,0 mm
Base diameter - 7,85 mm
no headstamp
Copper case

Specimen 3
Overall length - 21,32 mm
Case length - 14,0 mm
Base diameter - 8,02 mm
headstamp - small digit 7 near pin
Brass case

It is really hard to say who made these without having them sealed in a box and opening it and pulling them out.

If I had to guess though, the one on the right is an early French-made cartridge, possibly by Gaupillat. They have a very similar cartridge with a raised 7 (yours appears to be impressed.)

I would guess the one in the middle to be manufactured by a Belgian manufacturer like Charles Fusnot. He seemed to like that bullet shape and the beveled base like that. But again, like I said there is no way to know for sure.

As for the variation in size, I have about 450 7mm pinfires and I am not sure if ANY of them measure the same! =)

Thank you very much!