7 mm Lefaucheux with headstamp CF


Here is a picture of the case 7x15 Lefaucheux Pinfire with headstamp CF
Who was a manufacturer of this cartridge: Cartoucherie Francaise SA, Paris or Cartoucherie Charles Fusnot et Cie, Cureghem-les-Bruxelles?


That particular headstamp is by Charles Fusnot of Bruxelles Belgium.

The base diameter should be 7.8mm and the case length should be 15mm


Thank you for answer. The case length is 15,1 mm, the diameter of the base is 7,8 mm.

And, pls, could you tell me the correct (official) name of the Cartoucherie Charles Fusnot? Is it correct that this factory was in Cureghem-les-Bruxelles? As I undestand in the end of XIX century Cureghem was a village near Bruxelles, and now it is an area of commune d’Anderlecht situated in Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, i.e. in Bruxelles.