7 mm Penna boxes

These are the Penna boxes I received today. The white one is the early type for cartridges made by QS meccanica ( the factory that makes the Penna guns, whose owner is Mr. Leonardo Penna). These had lathe turned cases with " 7 mm Penna" marked around the base —the commonly seen Penna cases

The black one is the latest type with cartridges made by Fiocchi and headstamped " GFL 7 mm Penna". These are drawn cases

Thanks Marco!


I do have the same white QS-Box, but with an Overlabel, saying:
Via S.Agostino,9 Bulciago, Lecco, Italia
Lead brass plated Ball rnsfp 4.5g. Year 2009 L.n.201050509
Sign of the italian Proofhouse, and underneath:
loaded with
Fiocchi Components…

Means, there are drawn brass cases with G.F.L. 7 PENNA headstamps AND on the case a sidewards circumferal impression: 7 penna QS…

This circumferal markings are necessary by CIP rules, because the headstamp indicates usually the maker of the ammo…but as Fiocchi is not the manufacturer of the whole ammo, the loading company (in this case QS) has to put their markings on the case…

and, may you can tell me, why they have such an odd number of ammo in this boxes?? (65 pieces??)

and so my box,must be the intermediare box between yours and the black box…(fully loaded by Fiocchi) ??

PP Forensic

yes, I think you have an intermidiate box type. I have samples of the Fiocchi cases with the “7 Penna QS” on the side too

Leonardo Penna wrote me that the very first cases were made by QS and they were lathe turned. Then Fiocchi started producing empty cases in this caliber and ammunition is now loaded by LCM ( Laboratorio Caricamento Munizioni, another small italian factory). First Fiocchi cases were evidently loaded by QS.