7 x 15.5R CF Headstamped "JA 7"

Someone I know found a couple of the following rounds.

Bullet Diameter approx 7mm, case length approx 15.5mm. Rimmed case.

Lead round-nosed bullet.

Centrefire primer, Copper primer cap.

Headstamp: JA 7

What calibre are these and where were they made?

Thanks for any info.

That “JA” wouldn’t be an intertwined “GG” with the left hand G being reversed horozontally. If it is then it may be produced by SFM and could be a 7mm French Revolver ?

If it is a JA and not as described above, it is most likely an early 20th century product of Jules Ancion & Cie, Liege, Belgium.

It is definitely a distinct “J A” at 12 O’Clock with a “7” at 6 O’Clock.

I am familiar with the Gevelot double G marking and it definitely isn’t that.

Ok, just checking as I have seen “GG 7” hs and these were 7mm French Revolver. So it’s still probably the revolver cartridge rather than similar 7mm Canne/Sarbacane cartridges as they are generally headstamped as such and are shorter. There is a similar very early 7x15R Canne with inverted primer = no headstamp.

CartridgeCorners Jules Ancion & Cie, Liege, Belgium seems a likely candidate for manufacture.

Hi Falcon , Being metric it is possibly JULES ANCION. Liege Belgium
possibly loaded by V. FRANCOTTE MAY. CO not sure of calibre as the one I had was a 380 revolver.