7 x 23 (7 Penna) new VBA pistol cartridge

After the sudden death of the ugly 7,92 x 24, VBR of Belgium is back.

A new cartridge and a new pistol made in Italy.

The ammo is a 7mm slug in an converted 5,7 case and the pistol
is an 1911/ Beretta derivate.

Ammo and gun should be made now in Italy by

QS Progetto Meccanica s.a.s.

fsdip.com/website/VBRBelgium … fault.aspx

The 7 mm Penna familiy of cartridges is not especially new. We reported on this ammunition in Issue 440 of the International Ammunition Association Journal, November/December 2004 issue, and had the specimens shown in the article at hand a month at least before that.

Reference: Above noted Jounral, “7 mm Penna Family,” John L. Moss - Woodin Lab, pages 43 to 45.

John Moss

Little is heard about this wannabe PDW caliber in recent times. Is it dead?

Penna are still keeping their website going: qsarmi.com/

The QS Mechanica sas website’s online pdf brochure is bizarre. It must be a new one, it’s complete with background art of break-dancers and graffiti-esque artwork. The old brochure (2007) was much more traditional looking, and the English page about the 7 Penna ammo looked like this:

There is also a 7 mm Penna rimmed and a 7 mm Penna “extra long”

The first one is no longer produced since even revolvers chambered for the 7 mm Penna use the rimless version.

7 mm Penna is now loaded by Fiocchi and sold through QS meccanica

They are still promoting the long case (28mm) version but I think they’ve only used test barrels - no mention of a gun for it.

almost all the Penna-chambered pistols and revolvers ( and now a winchester replica too) use the “standard” ( 23 mm) length.There are 3 revolvers cataloged in Italy and chambered for the rimmed version .No pistols chambered for the long version ( 28 mm) are currently cataloged in Italy.This means that no pistols so chambered are available on the market

Mr. penna said me that they are developing an extra long case ( 33 mm?) intended for LAW inforcement or military use , but they don’t mention it on their on line catalog

Anyhow very interesting - they try to make something new - but an fine detail -

case length is limited to the pistol it was used in … so the 100 year old 1911 design

even dictated ammo design today.

High performance with low recoil AND vest breaking.


High performance with low recoil AND vest breaking.


These words shall remain us about so many other “wonder weapons” and calibers which disappeared in history.