7 x 37 R Canne?

Here is a 7 x 37 R new primed empty case that looks like some sort of reloading canne gun cartridge. The head has an irregular step and primer is brass inside a brass housing (Gaupillat type). Min.-max. measurements are:

Case lenght: 37,29-37,44 mm
Rim: 9,55-9,59 mm
Head: 7,73-7,83 mm
Neck: 7,77-7,80 mm
Neck (inside): 7,05-7,08 mm
Rim thickness: 1,61-1,64 mm

Anyone knows what it is?

Walking srick ( Cane) guns were common in the late 19th Century, not only in Europe, but is European settlements through out the world. Calibres Varied from 7mm (probably the most common) through to 12mm, and the Sevens had a whole range of Long cases to take either Ball or Shot. The majority of Ammo makers carried at least one “Cane” cartridge, and the French seemed to make more than most. Known examples that are identifiable are GG ( Gaupillat);
Rimfire versions were also made.

Being a South American find, I would say they were supplied to a local BA Gunshop or Cane Maker, and loaded locally to suit local conditions (or the preferences of the client). The “step” in the head may have been to fit a proprietary design of Cane gun breech, and to prevent the use of other cartridges , which may have damaged the Cane-gun, and the User’s hand…Or vice-versa, to prevent the use of these cases in “Other Guns”.
Unless someone comes up with an original Package, or Catalogiue references (either French or Spanish/Argentinian,) we may never know which cane-gun they were meant for, and who made them.

Nice one, from an Epoque when citizens defended themselves legally from Ne’er-do-wells, with un-obtrusive and reasonable effective means. ( the other “quiet persuader” was the sword-stick, from an even earlier era.)

Doc AV

Has AACAM published any history of the Gunsmiths/gun dealers of Buenos Aires, at all? it would make interesting reading, what with Spanish. German, French, Italian and probably English names in the mix…?

Fede, that case doesn’t exactly match any Canne Gun cartridge that I know of but as there are so many of these case types, it doesn’t mean it isn’t such a cartridge.

The dimensions are close to a shortened 7x36R Canne which I haven’t seen with the Gaupillat Battery Cup primer but it wouldn’t be unusual to exist. The case mouth looks like it may have been trimmed from something longer?

The rim thickness is quite a bit larger than any of the similar Canne gun cartridges which could be a problem.

However, it seems a bit too long for a revolver cartridge and it doesn’t match any of the small bore French Carbine (Tesching, Rook, Salon, Garten Gewehr etc) type cartridges that I am aware of.

Not much help - a bit of a mystery ??

Brad, thank for your comments. I took those measurements from three identical specimens and none seemed to have been trimmed. A mistery case, indeed.

DocAv, thank you too. I wish someone here had published a gunsmith/dealers book because I would want to have a copy! Our association may be pretty old (1966) but cartridge research here is still in diapers.