7 x 51 Belgian Pre Nato

I have two 7 x 51 rounds
The first one, has a tombac bullet and the hstp is : F N 52
The second one has a tombac bullet and the hstp : DAC 52

I knew England had also a 7 x 51 programm, but I didn’t know that Canada also.
Is the canadian round scarce ?

The Canadian is by far the better of the 2. $50+ range. The other - $25+

Thank you very much

The Canadians participated in all of the latter 7mm trials, ending in the British/Belgian/Canadian (BBC) trials in the Yukon in 1952.

Whilst the Canadians did not manufacture the 280/30, they did make both the 7mm Second Optimum (7 x 49.5mm) and the 7mm Compromise (7 x 51mm).I have examples of both rounds in my collection.

Canadian Arsenals Ltd also manufactured a short run of ten EM2 rifles in 7 x 51mm calibre, one of which I had the privilege to fire a few years ago. I would post a photograph but I seem to have run out of my monthly bandwidth on photobucket!