7 x 54 m/m (NOT Kortneck)

A friend of mine has asked me to identify a cartridge for him, and I cannot. He describes it as being almost identical to the 7 x 57m/m Mauser cartridge, but with a shorter neck resulting in a 54m/m case length. Headstamp is VPT 41. The primer is brass, with the stylized “NP” stamped on it, from Norma. The bullet is CN RN FMJ and the case is brass.

Measurements are al follows:

Case Length: 2.134"
Bullet Diameter: 0.282"
Neck Diameter: 0.313"
Diameter just below shoulder: 0.433"
Base Diameter: 0.475"
Rim Diameter: .476"

Any help in identifying this, or thoughts on what it might be, will be appreciated. I do not have the cartridge so cannot provide any picture of it.

John, this is a 7x54 Finnish Sporting.

Yet another 7x54 case type (at least four types are known). This one was based on the 6.5x55 case necked up to 7mm. This round is intended for Elk and was produced only in Finland by both Sako and Lapua. Sometimes refered to as “Hirvipatruuna” meaning “Hirvi” = Elk- cartridge.

The exact introduction date is unclear. www.municion.org state that it was produced in 1957 but it was shown in a c1946 SAKO catalog and it was still shown in 1963 and 1971 catalogs. Discontinued by Lapua in 1974.

A packet containing “VPT 41” hs exists and has a code (“3644”) that has been interpreted as being 1944. If this date is correct then this packet would likely be early (if not first) production which is earlier than originally thought (ie post WW2-c1950’s) and is actually late wartime production.