7 x 57 Mauser Headstamp


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Unless my eyes deceive me, I do not see this headstamp in the list…do we know who made it, etc.
7 x 57 Mauser, 175 or so grain RN steel jacketed bullet…



Arsenal de Toledo, Spain. according to White and Munhall, “Cartridge Headstamp Guide,” headstamp #483, page 61.


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I have a copy but neglected to look there…



Randy and John, the identification given in that book is correct, but the “A” stands for “Artillería”, not “Arsenal”. During this period of time the complete designation of this factory was “Artillería, Fábrica de Toledo” and it was divided in many workshops dedicated to the manufacture of different products (bladed weapons, tools, fuzes, iron and steel foundries, etc.). The ones dedicated to small arms ammunition manufacture were a group of workshops designated “Talleres de Cartuchería”.


Fede - thank you. I should have known that! : - (