7 x 57 Mauser headstamp

Hi, All…

Another 7 x 57 Mauser to identify…I loaned my “Cartridge Headstamp Guide” to my sons so it is unavailable at the moment…Thanks, Randy
Headstamp is faint and is B (12 o’clock), M (9 o’clock), E (3 o’clock) 37 (6 o’clock)

I have the same round with a slightly clearer headstamp. It should read 8 M E 37. I have it cataloged as an unknown Spanish Civil War maker, possibly "M"adrid "E"spana, but I could be wrong.

Taking another look, I’ll concede it is an 8, although the left side is quite straight, leading one to believe it is a B…


Randy, a third look may reveal traces of a “1” before the “8”, as this headstamp is believed to have been made by La Metal·lúrgica Espanyola, Taller No. 18, Barcelona, Catalonia community. A clearer headstamp is shown below:



Fede…Another look reveals that there is absolutely no trace of a “1” before the 8, Jon, how about on your specimen?


Nope, no ‘1’ on mine either, but “La Metal·lúrgica Espanyola” makes more sense than my previous information.

I have the same round, and the “1” is clear on mine. I am guessing the first one shown in the thread is a light strike.


Fede - am I correct in assuming that the spelling of that factory name, unusual to me, is Catalán?

John, you are right, it is written in Catalan. The geminated “L” (L·L, l·l) is an elongated consonant distinctive of this language.

This was one of many factories confiscated by the Catalan administration during the 2nd Spanish Republic (1931-39) and its name is spelled in Spanish as “La Metalúrgica Española”.