7 X 57 mauser headstamp

I need some info about this 7 X 57 mauser headstamp.I think it is kynoch made but I don’t know if it is a military or a civilian one


Kynoch, Witton,Birminham,UK.On commercial and military tipes.on military, the letter may be alone or in font of a number(single -digit); double-digit, indicates year of manufacture.

So it is military.Did spanish use cases so headstamped?I think this is part of a contract for an army of a foreign country ( spain?South america?).I think it is too older to be for some african army

Yes, it is a Kynoch commercial military headstamp. There are a number of variations of this basic style. Many of this type were sent to South and Central America.

Kynoch made very large quantities of military 7mm for export, especially to South America. In 1937 alone they made ball for Honduras and tracer for Uruguay. Regards JohnP-C.