7 x 57 Mauser

What year was the 7 x 57 Mauser cartridge introduced?

Developed in 1892

According to Olsen’s “Mauser Bolt Rifles”, after trying a couple of versions of the 7.65x54 Mauser rifle in 1891 and early 1892, later that year Spain received a further version chambering the new 7x57 cartridge and were so impressed that they chose this to be their new service rifle, calling it the Model 1892.

However Mauser was following its normal course of continuous development, and Spain demanded that the rifles supplied to this contract should be further upgraded. Thus they eventually came to be fully equipped with the new M.93 pattern, which introduced, among other further improvements, the staggered-column box magazine and improved charger guides to engage the sidewall lugs of the new M.93 charger.

Although the 7x57 cartridge was clearly first introduced in 1892, DWM (the main early manufacturer) in their 1904 catalogue called their DWM.380D the “Mauser M.93 Spanien, Brasilien, Serbien, Mexiko und Chile”, and this M.93 designation has stuck.