7 x 57 mm Hirtenberger Ammo

All, been going through piles of ammo and although I can rectify most, a couple have stumped me. First is this ammo from what appears to be Hirtenberger ammo from 1927. Looks like at one time it had a predominant black tip on the CN projectile. Any help would be great!image image

These are AP-T loads refurbished in 1973 by FAMAE of Chile using Dutch “HP” cases made at Dordrecht in 1927 (Chilean contract). Most examples have worn off tips.



Wow, where do you guys find that stuff? I have tons of books but I don’t think I ever would have found that out. Thanks!

And I thought HP was Hirtenberger?

The Dordrecht factory was owned by Hirtenberger. Located in a neutral country (Netherlands), it was a way to circumvent the limitations imposed on Austria after WW1.

Makes sense… thanks!