7 x 57mm Dummy

Hi, All…

A 7 x 57mm Dummy, CNCS bullet, Headstamp: D M K (If there is/was a year indicator at 9 and 3 o:clock, it has been completely obliterated)…
With my limited knowledge, I would attribute it to a country in South America that used this caliber…made later, of course, on a case/cartridge originally supplied by Germany…

What say you?


I have a few similar dummies that I have attributed to Chile. They are all the same style, some with European headstamps, others with Chilean markings.

Thanks, Jon…

See you in St. Louis…bring all your duplicate 7’s and 7.65’s !!


Will-do! Already have a baggie full with your name on it. I spelled it wrong, but at least it has rounds in it!

Definitely it 's made in Chile by FAMAE with recicled cases.