7 X 57mm Mauser Headstamp I.D

Another 7x57mm Mauser headstamp for I.D., please…Thanks, Randy
I G - F 7 * * 1937

Spanish Civil War, “Industrias de Guerra, Fabrica Numero Siete” ( Republican Factory, “War Industries, factory # 7”.)

Unknown Location, but Probably in Catalonia (Catalunia) where the IG for Rifle Making was based…Made M1916 Short Rifles, cal 7x57)

Doc AV

Thanks, Doc…

Randy, “I G” was one of the many initials used by the Comissió d’Indústries de Guerra (in Catalan) or Comisión de Industrias de Guerra (in Spanish) that existed between 1936 and 1938. This example was made by a reformed lipstick factory designated Fábrica Número 7, which was located in the suburb of Sant Gervasi, Barcelona, Catalonia.

The Mauser rifles mentioned by Doc were assembled by Fábrica Número 14 with componentes manufactured by 26 different factories in the vicinities. It was located at about 2 km from this cartridge factory.



Thank You, Fede…

The Spanish Civil War was a tragic, but at the same time, very interesting period in the history of the world…visa vie ammunition and arms, many “clandestine” operations going on…

If we can “draw” lipstick tubes using brass, then we can convert to cartridge cases easily, yes…

Your knowledge of this period in time and in the different Spanish dialects is absolutely amazing…!!