7 x 57mm Mauser Steel Case


Another recent “bring back” from SLICS…

Made late in WW2, March-April, 1945 in Germany…No headstamp with the Zdh 30/40 primer…

Any other info ?



There were a set of drawings by DWM as I remember for the production of steel case 7x57mm cartridges in Spanish Arsenals. Most of the drawings were of the production machinery. I remember a date of about 1943 but I could be mistaken. I don’t recall any headstamp being illustrated. I have often wondered if any were ever produced. It sounds like you have found one.
The drawings were from the Halstead Exploitation Center.



Randy - I don’t collect 7 x 57 mm, although I used to shoot it and still have a very nice condition Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser in that caliber. All I can say here is what a great find your steel-case round was. Thank you for sharing it with us on the Forum. Its a beauty!


Randy, when I got that round a few years ago, it was described to me as a 1930s Luftwaffe experimental. Not sure what it was for, however. It would be nice to know the true history of the round.



I do not think this is correct.
The lacquered steel case was introduced in 1939/40 and the primer 30/40 in 1943 on ball rounds.
I think the time range from Randy is OK.

If I remember well, a box with these cartridges were found after WW2 in the RWS plant.





In about 2000 I saw one of the boxes in which these cartridges has been found and it had no label but it was marked “cuy 44” (Emil Adolff, Spulen- und Hülsenfabrik, Reutlingen). I’m not sure, but I think it was in the table of Armin Bickel or maybe other German collector.


I seem to recall getting mine from Armin or Tony Rauch.


Thanks to all who commented…

To finish the story, I obtained the cartridge from Tony Rauch. He said the cartridge was made March, April, 1945 to supply weapons of 7x57 caliber pressed into service near the end of WW2. Only one 15 round box was found, and all known cartridges came from that box. Tony did not state where the box was found…