7 x 57R?

I have a cartridge that measures out the same as a 7x57R, except the rim measures .582 and it has an “A-Base”. Headstamp is raised - DWM @ 12:00 - K @ 3:00 & 9:00 - M 93 A @ 6:00. Is this a 7 x 57R Mauser cartidge?

Yers ,it is.In the DWM cartridge list number M93 A corresponds to " 7 X 57 R with A base"


" K K" is the code for the year of production.Your cartridge was made in 1935
However,very nice round


This was the first of the sporting 7mm M93 Mauser cartridges, the M93A had the same raised base with the “MB” diameter rim of the 8mm M88A Mauser. More commonly known as the “A” type base, this was replaced by the more modern narrower flat rim of the M93B.

This was produced only by DWM and listed in catalogs until 1939 but is only definetly confirmed to exist with the (pre 1925) “DWM K M93A K” hs. In this format the “K K” code indicates manufacture by the DWM Karlsruhe factory , not the 1936 date code.