7 X 64 With FMJ bullet?


Yesterday a person gave me this dummy round.It is a 7 X 64 Brenneke cartridge made by DWM.Unfortunately who dummied it has destroyed the berdan anvil in the primer pocket ( horror).However the bullet is FMJ and it is very strange for an hunting cartridge ( I have never seen this caliber with FMJ bullets).According to me this isn’t its original bullet.Am I right?




The case has been fired and the neck re-sized so the bullet is not original. It was probably done simply to make it look better. I have seen some of the larger caliber Brenneke cartridges loaded with FMJ bullets, but not the 7x64. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t done, however.



I agree.I have a 9.3 X 64 mm round with FMJ bullet.Yes,many larger calibers use FMJ bullets to kill large animals,but it is a strange kind of bullet in a so little caliber used to hunting small species.However some hunting calibers that proved excellent accuracy could surely be loaded with typical match bullets,for example 6.5 X 55 ammo


…I know that 6.5 X 55 cartridge has military origin.I wrote that because it is a round very used to hunting too


FMJ are still used in hunting today when you have a big rifle and a small target animal it will reduce the destruction of the smaller animal as it was for meat or fur. I used a FMJ in my 22-250 for fox and rabbits with little or no damage.