700 rds of 7.92 Kurz on Auction


This may interest 7.9mm Kurz collectors. One ammo can is loose pack but the other had boxes that appear to be Greek repack or relabel. I have similar labels on Greek repack/relabel British WWII 9mmP. I have not seen these Greek 7.9 K boxes before, but they may be relatively common. There is another box label below the Greek label.

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Below is the image, seems to be a Greek label over a previous label. Headstamp is too hard to make out, but liooks like a dark blue/green primer seal:


Very interesting - does anyone have info on MP44 use or testing by Greece?


After WWII Greece went into a brutal Civil War (1945-1949). Lots of weapons were shipped into Greece by both sides, but particularly by the Allies. The British 9mmP came in with a large number of Sten guns, or so I am told.

Given these Greek boxes of the same vintage as my 9mm boxes, I suspect that many MP44s along with the ammo were also shipped into Greece during their civil war and these boxes dated 1953 were a result of the Greeks tidying up some of the leftovers. I would not be surprised if there were few if any records of Greek use of this weapon. Hope I’m wrong.



Thank you, Lew,

That is a very viable explanation.

MP44’s were certainly sent to a lot of different places during the Cold War period.


Below the Greek label there is another one indicating that these were repacked in Italy during 1946 by the Pirotecnico dell’Esercito, Bologna.


I hope whoever buys it appreciates these two boxes, and doesn’t just burn it through their gun and throw away the empties and the boxes! Interesting stuff…



The fact it is Rock Island and the reserve, you would hope they were informed enough to be well aware of the fact you can buy Privi for blasting at a fraction of that cost.
But, I get your point, of course.

Personally, I hope it goes to someone who splits it up and sells a box to one of my pickers who emails me excitedly with it for sale.


please look for the Hs of the loose 8x33.



Norbert, All I have is the photo posted. I have tried to zoom it but still cannot make out the headstamp.