.75 & 1" Gatlings in Argentina

Pictures of .75 & 1" Gatling cartridges used in Argentina and a couple of friends posing with three Gatlings used by the army: 1", .75 and .50 caliber.

Looking at the head and the coiled patch on the .75" my 2¢ is that it was made in England.

The 1" ?, but judging from the slight raised ring around the primer which is also on the .75" perhaps Merry Olde also?
The U.M.C.Co. made 1" board dummies don’t show this raised ring.

Great looking weapons & very neat stuff.

Pete, the ring on the base appear a little bit exagerated because of the light effect but is just a faint mark. As far as I know all .75 Gatling cartridges with a corroded lead bullet and coiled paper patch were found in Argentina and these could be local reloads. This may explain those base marks, badly seated primer and odd bullet which differs from those rounds confirmed thanks to a couple of different UMC boards c. 1875 and c. 1877-78. I’ve seen some new primed empty cases too.

In my opinion these are probably UMC because Gatling guns and ammunition were procured by the Argentine government via Schuyler, Hartley & Graham / Hartley & Graham. I would really like to see a .75 Gatling cartridge which has been confirmed as made by Kynoch.

Here’s another picture of the .75 Gatling headstamp from another specimen with same bullet:

Hi Fede
Probably your correct about those being manufactured by UMC. I based my conjecture on the coiled patch. Which is on the English .65 Gatling (boxer case). A .75, I have has as you say a slight ring on the base, but the lead is not corroded and the patch is coiled (tightly}. The bases looked to have the same ring in your first photograph. but in your 2nd of the base straight on it is not as visible. So I don’t know.