75mm brazil

good afternoon everyone
Gentlemen can help you identify a case 75mmx215r.sao comun here in Brazil but I don’t find literature about them.I have seen about 4 pieces here. dating from 1904 1906 1909 print B and krausele.
grateful already. Germano borges

Welcome here Germano, would you have images for us?
Sounds much like a German made case if I got your wording right.

here in Brazil from what I know to many cannons schnaider mod 1919.
but I don’t know if the measurements of this case are given to him

as I am new to the site I can only put a photo

Here we would need to see the headstamp.


Ok, this is not German as the initial wording was missleading since “krausele” sound much like a fragment of Karlsruhe and woud have been DWM in Germany.

B here seems to be “Berndorf” of Austria then.

yea. but we other prints.
K 1904 and 1906 Patronenfabrik Karlsruhe
We know that Brazil imported the Schnaider mod 1919 in 1923, these ammunition has earlier dates.

I hope a friend of mine will look into this issue.
Could well be that the early 1900s were Krupp guns.

Brazil also bought Cannon 628 model 1908 is a 75mm caliber cannon made in Germany by the company Krupp.
but still I don’t think alliterature about the height of the cartridge

Berndorf was a subsidiary of Krupp, so that would fit.
Unfortunately we have too little info on exported material to Brazil.

Brazil also had 75 mm Model 1894 guns made by Krupp.