75mm Field Gun Shell - Marking Identification Help

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping to get a bit of help identifying some headstamp markings which i just cant seem to make any sense of. From what I understand:

75 DEC = (In French) 75mm Canone de Campagne (Or in English, 75mm Field gun).
I suspect that PX is the makers mark, however my research has only yielded PX as “Unknown Factory, France”

I imagine that “D.240L.15.D” implies some sort of ‘Lot number’ and date but cant make sense of it (maybe 1915?). Similarly, i have no idea what the ‘T’ and ‘anchor’ symbols mean. At the top there is also what appears to be an underlined “F” which is also a mystery to me.

I bought these casings as a set of two so if you are feeling particularly helpful, i have listed the other one below too.

Both of the primers have been drilled-out to different extents. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Here is my Dad’s GI bring back from WW2. He called it his “French 75”!

Tom- The 75mm M18 is the same size (75 x 350mm) as the French 75, but is actually the standard U.S. 75mm gun cartridge case, either as a wheel mounted field gun, or in the various tanks using 75mm guns (M3 Grant/Lee or M4 Sherman, etc). A nice family souvenir. Same size as the French ones above, but not quite the same as a WW1 French case in terms of history.

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Tom, great British headstamp on that M18 (US designation) French designed case! Thank you for sharing.

French because he brought it back from France?

Maybe our British friends can shed some light on the British use of these. Were these for the M3 Grants?

Yes, he was in France from Oct 1944 to April 1945. He wasn’t issued winter uniforms, wool, until the middle of the winter thanks to a supply screw up. GI’s used to huddle around tanks that had their engines running to stay warm, Hell of a way to fight a war!

Well it was made in Canada, so it probably has some French heritage. Canadian Motor Lamp Co. Windsor, Canada.

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Tim, thanks for the lead on the Canadian!

Thanks Tim! I’ll pass that information on to whoever inherits all my military collectables.

Wait: Seems like Puteaux would be a good possibility for the Px marking. Jack

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Thanks all for the interesting information.

Jack - do we know whether there was ever a munitions factory in Puteaux? I haven’t been able to find one but your suggestion makes sense…

Still hoping to find out a bit more about the headstamps on mine. Even if we can’t crack the origin, I’d love to know the date. Still hoping someone can help!!

I am no expert on French artillery shells but I do know the following info.
The two French cases are for the Army.
The 6 0’clock markings are :
Case manufacturer. Lot number. Date. Metal furnisher.
Loading factory is at 3 o’clock.

I cannot identify the D or H factories but cases were made in 1915 and 1916.
Possibly filled by Puteaux and Lyon but I stand corrected as I am uncertain. Ron.

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Correction made

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Below is a screen shot of the icon line, I marked the pencil icon with a little blue star.


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The primer is American and was made at the Ravenna Ordnance Plant (ROP).

Thanks Fede!

Wondering if anyone is able to help me identify this shell I recently bought. Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)

This really should be in its own thread.

Hello there, Nikkiii13 and welcome to this Forum. Without doubt, some of us can identify your case. But as Sportclay already wrote, please start a new thread as your case is completely different from the French ones as it is a British 18 pounder.