75mm ID request (from another forum)


This question was raised on another forum, perhaps someone here can provide some additional information.

He’s already looked over the 75mm section on Tony Williams (excellent) website

[quote]“I have a 1909 75mm empty shell casing
It is 75mm diameter, 9” long, rimmed brass casing with markings “st” “GG 38” “GG 63” and “AUG 1909”. There appear to be three rings of marks left at the mouth of the casing (from crimping?). Any insights to identification are welcome."[/quote]
Added information

[quote]"Thanks for the link [/quote](to Mr. Williams website) [quote]I did not find mine. Mine is 75x228R with 91mm rim. Perhaps it is a cut down blank?

There wasn’t anything even close to 228mm length."[/quote]

I’m wondering if this could be a naval case?



I can’t say positively what his is but the USN 3"/23 case is 234mm long with a 90mm rim.

If it’s Army it’s probably something like the 75mm Field Gun, M1897.



If the three crimps are pretty much continuous around the mouth, then I think it is probably the 77 x 230mm R case used in some WW1 German guns. The headstamps certainly appear to be German/Austrian.


Thanks John (and Ray). With your help he has been able to confirm that it is a 77x230R