75MM M5 shell markings

Hi, I’ve picked up a nice 1942 stamped 75MM Shell with the markings attached at a junk shop in France. Is there any way to find out where the Shell was used, and clarify if was M5 or not (read on internet that M5 was from 1943, but this is stamped 1942). Also, how can I check if primer inside is safe? (Many thanks!

The 75mm cartridge case M5A1 was made for use with the 75mm Pack Howitzer M1 (later redesignated M116).

This case was definitely made in 1942 as marked.
These have been used for saluting guns for at least 40 years, with the old cases used over and over.

Thank you JohnS. Do you know if there is any way to trace the Lot numbers to see which regiment/ battalion was assigned to? My grandparents fighting in Europe in 1942…would be nice to see if overlapped.


Nice item!

Unfortunately there is virtually no chance of tracking down the full history of this cartridge case. Keep in mind that millions of rounds of ammunition were sent & used all over the planet during WW2. A logistical and paperwork nightmare.

I suggest you write down the history of the case as you know it and place that inside the case and keep the case as a momento of your family members service in WW2.

You may also want to carefully clean the case and apply a protective clear coat to help preserve the case.

@bdgreen thanks for the comments and suggestions. What would you recommend as a clear coat for protection?

Spar urethane or something similar.