75mm or 3 inch shrapnel ID?


Any help on ID would be greatly appreciated. Red paint was applied by owner, not original.

2.93" diameter bourrelet
2.918" diameter below the rotating band and below the bourrelet
NO crimping grooves.
About 8.25" overall length
Threaded at front about 2.32" x 20 threads per inch.
Two holes for anti-twist/locking screws/pins.
Copper (?) rotating band about 1/2" wide

1/8" high stampings on side & bottom of body:
M 67 V - approx. 3/4" down from bourrelet
1(?)8 10 13 (circled)S (ord. bomb) - approx. 1" up from rotating band
3/8" long ordnance bomb approx. halfway between center & edge on base


From a discussion on BOCN entitled Difference Between 3 inch and 75mm Common Shrapnel Projectiles, US. http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/85560-WWI-75-Round

From the above listed discussion here is a Quote from a post by US-Subs:
" In regard to the 3-inch Common Shrapnel projectile, “The rotating band is forced into an annular groove cut into the case 1.2 inches from the base.” (page 36 para 2)

In regard to the 75mm Common Shrapnel, MKI projectile, “The rotating band of copper is forced into an annular groove1.65 inches from the base.” (page 22 para 4)"



This one measures about 1.65" between rotating band and the base.
75mm Common Shrapnel, MKI must be correct.

Thanks VERY much!