75mm Recoiless

Ok, you guys did so well on the 106mm Recoiless, let’s move on to the 75mm Recoiless

  1. I have case with “SHELL M309” stenciled on the base of it. What loading is this? There is no impressed case type information.

  2. Stenciled on a 75MM M31A1 case is "SHELL HE???E21. What is missing and what loading is it?

Anyone have a manual for the ammunition types?

The 75mm recoilless rifle cartridge M309 was made in several variants. It basically was the standard HE (High Explosive) load with a PD (Point Detonating) Fuse, or a MTSQ (Mechanical Time Super Quick) Fuse. The M309 used a paper liner in the perforated cartridge case M31 or M31A1 while the M309A1 used a plastic liner. There were also a TP (Target Practice) M309A1 with only a small spotting charge in the projectile and also M309 or M309A1 TP with Inert Projectiles and paper or plastic liners respectively.

I cannot help on the second question. My guess would be that it may be a pre-standardization loading of what became the HEAT M310 which used a shaped charge warhead, but that is only a guess.

The second question doesn’t make sence to me neither.
Pre-standardization is not likely. These are H.E. T38 or H.E.A.T. T39.
That should stand for 6x ???E21
Recoilless ammo is one of my favorites. I hope more help will follow.

About the manual, tried to sent you but failed.
Please check this link
download the TM 9-1300-204 Ammunition for Recoilless Rifles 1959
Lex has a large list of manuals free for your own use. This would keep you busy for the long nights to come!

John S. and Western–Thanks for the information.

Western–The number of “?” does not reflect the number of missing characters. I have no idea how many are missing.
The “SHELL HE???E21” is all that is readable with a 1 1/2 inch gap between “HE” and “E21”

Another FANTASTIC link for manuals.