75mm U.S. 1918?

Hi, I am hoping that someone can help identify this 75mm cartridge. I only have a few photos as I have not received it yet.

![75mm cartridge|690x919]
I am not sure how to load a photo! This does,nt look right.
Thanks Rob

Photo is good enough.
What is the overall length of the case (preferably in mm, but inches will work if easier)

The manufacturer is Allegheny Steel Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They had a brass division that manufactured 75 mm cases, first for the French Government and later for the US. Primer was made by the United States Cartridge Co.

Looks like your case was later filled in England, but I don’t recognize the filling factory.



Wow! Thankyou Fede, There is a faint circular stamp with 2 things crossed in it, have you any ideas?
Its fantastic how you have helped.

Many thanks again,


That is the “Ordnance Department U.S.A.” insignia.