75mm Vickers & Nordenfelt Projectiles

I show 3 projectiles separated from the cases in my collection. Possibly common shell and a Dummy?

  1. Gray. Is a pitted repaint with no markings. 278mm o/a. Threaded for a base fuze.
  2. Black. Stamped N 90 1 N on side. 275mm o/a. Threaded for base fuze.
  3. Flat Tip. Stamped VSM on side. 278mm o/a. Hollow Dummy? Open base. Remains of a red nose band.

1a. 25.5mm band. 51mm base to band. 12.5mm groove to base.
2a. 25.5mm band. 46mm base to band. 16mm groove to base.
3a. 26.5mm band 50.5mm base to band 12mm groove to base The top part of the band is 1.4mm wider than the other two.
Obviously they do not fit the 75x212R MN case as Fede shows is 38mm to the band and 259mm o/all.
I will post a later topic showing the projectiles in their cases All comments welcome.
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Ron, can you tell me the body diameter measured below the driving band?

Fede. The diameter of all 3 shells below the driving band is 75.3mm. I now see that the MN landing gun is only 74.6mm. Does this mean that my projectiles are all 3" or 76mm? You can see the dint above the groove on the flat nosed one where it was crimped onto a case and not matched to the groove. Possibly similar projectiles could be interchanged. The Nordenfelt projectile has an extended base. The flat nosed one has about 8 different diameters inside the nose section when metal was removed or in the manufacture.

Ron, these are projectiles for the 76 mm Nordenelt QF Gun using the longer 462-465 mm case. Both are “common shells” uzing a Nordenfelt base fuze, first two being made of steel and the third one of iron.