75x212R Maxim-Nordenfelt Case


What is this cartridge case? 75x212R pre 1897 by Maxim Nordenfelt.
Dimensions: Rim is 86.0mm. Rim thickness is 4.6mm. Base diameter is 79.2mm.
Mouth is approx.76mm. and has 3 dints to hold a wad or projectile.
It is not in Hawkinson’s book. Not Bofors, Japanese or Vickers MG.
Is it a fixed round or separate loaded. All information appreciated.


Hi Ron,

This case was used in a 75 mm Maxim-Nordenfelt QF landing gun. You can find some examples in my country as well because the Argentine navy purchased this model in 1898.




Fede. Thanks for identifying my British brass case. I guess it is a complete fixed round if QF ?


Ron, yes, it is a fixed round. I’m trying to find a picture or drawing of a complete example, but I haven’t had luck so far. Below you can see more information about the gun, cartridge case and different shells used.




Fede. A photo of a complete round would be great. I have other Nordenfelt 14Pr and 75mm complete rounds that are also not in Hawkinson book. I hope to post these at a later date. Cheers.


Here is a drawing of the shell used as HE and practice: