75X277R manufacturer ID


I would like to know who the manufacturer D.C.P.co is.
I’m also interested in more information about this cartridge: Where does the Y in a circle stands for? And what about BA next to 1917?


I forgot but I can tell you it is Canadian. That might help you a bit.

Wikipedia says the following:
In 1910 Hamilton Powder and Dominion Cartridge merged with the Acadia Powder Company, Ontario Powder Company, Standard Explosives Company, Western Explosives Company and Victoria Chemical Company to form the Canadian Explosives Company (CXL). This was a major supplier to the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I.
Is it possible that DCP Co. means Dominion Cartridge and Powder Co.?
Sorry, just a wild wild guess.

As mentioned, I forgot but indeed it is as mentioned in the previous post.

Thanks Hoeksel and sksvlad!