75x350R Schneider US made


standard 75 mm Schneider case, with “Winchester Repeating Arms Company” markings WR [info from FR sites (?)]. I need help with id. a markings brass supplier - “ASR”, and “LA” in circle.



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This is very far from my field of interest, but I was of the impression Winchester marked large bore cases “WRA” or WRACo" and 37mm cases are known marked “Winchester Repeating Arms Co.” not WR.

Yes, but this was a contract for France and there the manufacturer ID likely was told by the French.

I was based on http://hmcel.forumactif.com/t561-douilles-de-75mm-du-canon-de-campagne-modele-1897-75-dec , and one list from FR. Dissimilarity, there is a bar “-” in the markings “7”.

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Learning something(s) new every day, works for me.

Just to correct, it is not a case of 75mm Schneider but 75mm De Campagne Modèle 1897