76 mm factory code


Please help for translate the codes and abbreviation stamped on container


What does mean FNH and ARMD C and GD codes?


ARMD C - Armoured Car
GD - R.O.F. Glascoed (Royal Ordnance Factory) factory that filled the primers
FNH - Type of propellant - Flashless, Non-hygroscopic

The ammunition was originally used in the British Saladin AFV (FV601) then CVR(T) Scorpion (FV101)


Thanks a lot
Your information is very useful.
How about 15B?


I don’t know. Do you have any more images of the box?

15B - may well be a Lot No.




This is another photo that you want




Unfortunately, different rounds. The first image is of Smoke, Base Ejection, the others are of HESH.


Yaserdoma & TimG,

I would agree that the underlining of the 15B indicates that this is the batch number.