76 x 636 DM 30 - Heavy Artillery

Hello everyone!

Today at a yard sale I made a purchase of something that I don’t know much about, except for what the couple had mentioned during the purchase. All they mentioned was that this case is from the HMCS Haida.

I did try to research the HMCS Haida (Royal Canadian Navy from 1943-1963) to see what kind of artillery was aboard the destroyer, but upon looking at Wikipedia, I’m not too sure which gun would fit the bill.

I was curious about a few things:

  • The year this case was produced?
  • The gun that fired these shells (if In fact they did come from the HMCS Haida)?
  • And also if all the "1"s have any significant meaning on the headstamp and primer?

The measurements of the case are as follows:
Base: 4.45" diameter
Top (mouth): approx. 3" diameter
Height (bottom to top): 25"

76 x 636 DM 30
LOT DN89F01-01

Primer Stamp:
DN 89E01-01

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

76mm (~3 inch) gun
June 1989 production

01’s are the lot numbers, 01 lot, 01 sublot

Hi Dave, this case was made by Diehl in Germany for the 76 mm OTO Melara/Breda L/62 guns. As far as I can tell from information readily available on the web this gun was used by Canada in modernized Iroquois-class destroyers (HMCS Algonquin, Athabaskan, Huron, and Iroquois). Regards, Fede.

That’s wonderful ! Thank you 50m2hb and Fede!

I thought the manufacture date would be in there somewhere! And the date (1989) doesn’t seem to go with the dates of the HMCS Haida.

I will have to do a little more research into the destroyers with 76mm (3 inch) guns. Specifically f on of the destroyers had a 3 inch gun.

Thank you again 50m2hb and Fede!!! Very much appreciated!!!

As this particular caliber (the OTO) is not designated a 3-inch you better look for reference on 76mm instead. Otherwise you may end up with a mix of results which are hard to tell apart by the guns used.

Particular care will be needed with Canadian post-WW2 ships because they have used two other guns in this calibre with different ammunition, giving three case types in all:

3" L/50 (76.2 x 590mm with 111mm rim) used in St Laurent and Annapolis classes 1955-1990s, plus second two of Mackenzie class

3" L/70 (76.2 x 662mm with 138mm rim) used in Restigouche class 1960-1990s, plus first two of Mackenzie class

Thank you everyone for your help! I found an interesting .pdf regarding the 76x636…

EOD, you were right about searching in millimetres instead of inches. It was getting a bit confusing. Haha.

I think I am good with the information everyone provided for me, I truly appreciate it! Thank you all!


Here is a paper (with diagrams) concerning U.S. Navy work with the 76mm OTO Melara: 76MM AMMUNITION PROGRAM QUARTERLY PROGRESS REPORT 1 SEPTEMBER TO 31 DECEMBER 1972 dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/911960.pdf

To view examples of various 76mm OTO cartridges see: cartucheria.es/artilleria-.html and choose the 76x635R section from the column on the left.

For some stats on the cartridge see: ordtech-industries.com/2prod … 76L62.html