76mm Chinese Rocket

Who can identify this 76mm Chinese rocket?
So far I found it is Chinese made in 2014. Aluminium body, green paint with a blue nose band.
400mm long nose to venturi. 283mm body. Approx 490mm oal with fins folded back.
There is a 23mm thick centre dividing plug. The base view shows a flat base with 3 plugs, each with 2 key holes and 2 key holes in the dividing plug. Cavity is 93mm deep.
The cap possibly blows off but there is no powder burns inside the cap.

Rocket has 7 lines of print:
DTW 14-76
SO2 -14- 5823
KAL -W -1

  • 14-542
    JD - 2
    06 - 14 - 44

All information to identify this rocket type is welcome. Ron.

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