76mm rounds?

The case on the left I know is a 76mm. The middle one I cant read the h/s for sure, both next to the 90mm semi restored dummy. What were these used in?



Can you see them in the camouflage?

Tony Williams website has a nice listing of what rounds were used in what gun/equipment, have you checked there?

The 76mm/62 Cal case is anodized steel, not brass, and is used in the MK-75 Naval Gun. The MK-75 is a fully automated, remotely controlled gun mount that stows, aims, and fires 76mm 62-caliber ammunition. The Mark 75 three-inch gun is a capable gun in between the Mark 45 and Mark 38. It can fire up to 80 rounds in 60 seconds without reloading to a range of 10 nautical miles.

Here is a link showing the MK-75 in action.


Really nice cases, Steve!


I have a case that looks remarkably like your middle case. It has a headstamp of "75MM T6E3BI CP LOT NOR - 1 - 28 1952’’ It also has some white paint stampings on the head “AMM LOT LOP 12-1-X” then some yellow paint stampings “BK? 2”. I was told by the guy I got it from that is was for an experimental “Skysweeper” 75x539R AA gun. I don’t know if a lick of it is true but that is what I was told.

Here is a good web site for pictures of the US 75mm M51 Skysweeper Anti-Aircraft Gun. Unfortunately it does not show thw Ammo for it.


Steve–I found a reference that says the RIM diameter of the “Skysweeper” 75 x 539R" is 90mm. Does the case length and rim diameter of the center cartridge in your photo match these dimensions?


Both cases are for tank rounds. 76mm and 3 inch but they use the same shells as you can see on the headstamp ink marks. You can’t find a headstamp on the middle one because there is nothing. This case was ink stamped on the side in yellow.


Can you post some pictures? It would make me a happy guy and maybe I can help you with identification.





You have a very special case. (Yes the “Skysweeper”!) I found some information in the TM 9-1300-203 manual.pages 37-39 Cartridges for 75-mm Gun Cannon M35 (T83E1) Again, please post some picrures!

Western–Concerning the 76mm anodized steel case, wither it is for the Navy Mk-75 or for a tank will depend on the headstamp. While yours says it is a “76mm M26B1” (for a tank) mine is headstamped “76 MM/63 CAL” (for the Navy MK-75). Without knowing the headstamp on Steve’s case, it could be either.

So, Steve, what is the headstamp on your case?


The 76mm 62 CAL case has a 636mm lenght. The 90mm drill is for a caliber about 600mm lenght case. The 3IN MKII M2 B1 has a 585mm lenght.
the 76mm M26B1 has a 539mm lenght wich is much shorter compared with the 76/62 CAL. Besides the 76/62 CAL is a tapered case and the one Steve showed is a straight case like the 76mm M26B1.


Western–Thanks for the case length differences. I did not know that.

Thanks guys!

Ok here goes on the anodized 76 mm case. Head stamp is stamped into case, not ink. 76mm-M26B1 LOT CLM-1-66 1954 also there is a square stamp at about 10 0’clock that has something in it but cant read it.


Same square as the one on yours Western.

On the middle case once again no ink, here is what I can read so far. 119E1B1 LOT NOR-1 1953

I will try and clean this up some more


I hope this comes out readable. I would highlight the headstamp with white but some of the paint markings go over the stampings, and I don’t want to mess them up. Sorry for the delay in posting these.

try again.,[/img]

and again[/img]

I don’t know why this isn’t working but I’ll try again.


Thanks very much for sharing these pictures. The headstamp is in best quality so you did great! I have no idea on the meaning of the yellow paint markings. Anybody can help? The faint white painting ends with 2.This could be the last of: CTG T50E2 ,but thats just a thought.