76mm rounds?

[quote=“SteveF”]On the middle case once again no ink, here is what I can read so far. 119E1B1 LOT NOR-1 1953

I will try and clean this up some more


Steve you proved me wrong on this one. Check the first number 1 ,this should be te T . 76mm T19E1B1 You can find the same case with 76mm M88B1.The Guns are Cannons M32 and M48. They are high-velocity tank and antitank weapons. The cases measurments are much like the 3 inch MKIIM2 thats where I went wrong. I have a reworked case wich is 3 inch transformed to 76mm T19E1.

H/S of the middle one, still hard to read.


I would like to ask a projectile question related to Steve’s two 76mm cases…

I have found reference to the use of the 76mm M496 HEAT-T projectile in the 76x580R M88B1 case but can not find any documentation on what case(s) the very similar looking 76mm M495 HEAT-T projectile was used in. Would the M495 have been used in the 76X540R M26B1 case or was that used in the M88B1 case as well?

Also, just what is the difference between the M495 and the M496 projectiles?

Thanks for any info on this.


Dave, I have found a reference on the 76mm HEAT-T M496 in the TM 43-0001-28 .Cartridge case is M171A1 (same guns M32 and M48 as for M88 cartridge case) but the velocity doesn’t make any sence to me. 1060mps (3550fps). Compared with the 76mm AP-T M339 954mps (3200fps)
The HEAT projectiles will not work at high velocity the AP projectiles need high velocity? I don’t have time at the moment but will continue search later.

Dave, I’m afraid I can’t help you answering your question. Both M495 and M496 were in service after august 1960 because they are not mentioned in the TM 9-1300-203 from that date. I can’t find any reference on the M495.
Sorry to let you down on this one.


Thank you very much for your effort. The M495 projectile I have is dated 1965. The forward section looks very much like the pictures shown in various TMs of the M496. I assume there should be a rear stabilizing section (which is missing) as there is no typical drive band. Looks neat stuffed into a 76X540R case I have, but the date may make it a little late for it to have been used in that case.