76x463R and 76x564R Nordenfelt / Vickers

These two cartridges are not shown in Hawkinson’s book.
The short case was one of a pair. I have two headstamps as shown.
Both are made by VSM but with two primer variations.

The long cases are made by Nordenfelt and Vickers with two primer variations.
This long case is called a 14Pr18Cwt long chamber Exhibition gun as used on the Victorian Navy Monitor class warship in 1897 on the web site cerberus.com.au

Short has rim diameter of 111mm. 3 dint crimps 28mm from mouth.
Long has rim Diameter of 103mm. 3 dint crimps 38mm from mouth.
All identification comments are welcome. Ron.



Ron, thank you for sharing!
Which headstamps belong to which case?

EOD. Perhaps I could have been clearer. The first 2 headstamps are the short case.
VS&M in a circle and the VSM CFF .

Second 2 headstamps are the long cases.
VSM only at 12 o’clock and N.
The last primer is interesting with the two slots.

I was doubting the 14 Pr identification but the Cerberus site is interesting and only 160km
from my house. I know of 4 short and 4 long cases in collections. Hard to find.

Ron, thanks a lot for the clarification!

When you say not in Hawkinson’s book are you referring to his latest / 2nd volume?

Pete. I could not find either of these in second edition 2012. I just checked again.
I was asking if they are called 14Pr or 76.2mm or just Nordenfelt or Vickers.
Hawkinson’s book is a great reference and I mean no disrespect.

Hi Ron, great rounds, thanks for sharing.

In Argentina the short case was designated “76 mm Maxim-Nordenfelt” or “76 mm Nordenfelt”, and was the biggest caliber of the Nordenfelt series used in this country; the others were: 61, 57, 47, 42, 38, 25 and 11 mm, all of them designated just “Nordenfelt”. The case length may vary a few mm, so you can find it listed as 462, 463, 464 or 465 mm. Also, the data card of the gun/cartridge includes the alternative designations “14 pounder” and “3 inches”.



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Howdy Ron3350
I never took your remark as disrespecting. Just was wondering if I should add these to the book for my own reference needs.

Don’t collect this sort of stuff but do find it very interesting. Plus who knows what will next come in the door.

Thanks Fede and Pete. It is nice to add a name to an item.
I have had no reference to them before this posting.

This IS an example of a gun using the short case: Nordenfelt 14 pr QF Mark I

I have a case with similar marking, maybe you can help me to ID please?
76(or 75mm)x301 R 96mm here close to british 13pr 9cwt

best regards

fert. Nice to see another odd Vickers made case. I cannot help with ID but am pleased to see this case exists. I find all these cases interesting often with little information about them. I leave it to the experts. Cheers.

Interesting case. There is nothing in Robert Hawkinson’s list which matches it.

I see that the case has been nickel plated at some time after its manufacture. It is possible for this to be removed.

Try posting the case on the BOCN forum.

thank you for your interest,
already posted on bocn without answer.

all the best