7cm M99 Austrian cartridge case

This brass cartridge case turned up in a Charity Shop recently. The inside mouth diameter is 73.5mm, case length 63.5mm, head diameter 76.6mm, rim diameter 83.3mm and rim thickness is 3.55mm.

Yes, I know that I took the photos against the most stupid background possible, the pattern is the cast iron table, the case is plain smooth brass. It looked great through the camera viewfinder, bloody awful on the screen, but it is dark now and I will have to go with what I have got.

The headstamp has a “V” at 12 o’clock below which is an incomplete stamp of an Austrian Double Eagle. To the left of the eagle is Wdf, partly overlapping the eagle is Oed followed by 14. Near the rim at 2 o’clock is a “3”. At 6 o’clock we have 1914, 16., 7cmM99 and another “dot”. At 8 o’clock there is a symbol like two arrowheads tip-to-tip. This is exactly like the British mark for redundant stores. The screw-in primer is marked with the GR logo of Georg Roth, 179 over 15 and M8*.

Is this case complete or has it been cut short? What type of gun was the 7cm M99? What do the headstamp markings signify?


It has the original length and had a lid on it once. These are rather scarce.

Here an image:

The 7cm M.99 was a mountain gun. The two punch marks on the head of your case indicate it was reloaded twice, but I don’t know what the large asterisk means. I have one with an almost identical headstamp, but from Lot 17 of 1914. It was dug up on a WWI battlefield in Poland, and is in less than perfect condition unfortunately, from all the years it was buried. This case type is quite scarce.

Nice rare case in exceptional condition.

Nice cases Dave, I have never seen anything like that in charity shops round my area. I doubt alot of people would even know what it is. I asked how much as 20mm Hispano case at a car boot sale was, and the woman asked her husband “how much for the bullet thing?”. I think I bought the case in the end for