7mm and 7.92mm cartidge cases, Battle of Ebro, Spain

Someone using a metal detector has found a number of 7mm and 7.92mm Mauser fired cases and unfired cartridges that were dropped during the Battle of the Ebro, Spanish Civil War, 1938. They are from a number of countries. I have attached his headstamp drawings. The 7mm are the two headstamps at the top (PS 1918(?) and PS 1937) which were made at Pirotechnia de Seville, Spain. The remaining three rows are 7.92mm. I believe I have been able to identify the makers of the third and fourth cases on the top row of 7.92mm as Zbrojovka Brno (Brno (or possibly Bystrika), Czechoslovakia), and Metallwerk Wolfenbuttel GmbH (Wolfenbuttel, Germany) respectively, the third case on the second row as possibly Standard Electrica (Madrid, Spain)and the first case on the bottom row as Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbrietzen GmbH (Sebaldushof, Germany). Can anyone help with the unidentified ones, or perhaps correct any incorrect identifications I have made? Thanks.


The 2nd hdsp, bottom row, (7.9 1937) is Hirtenberger contract for Spain.

The 2nd hdsp, 2nd row, (P * * *) I’m not completely certain about but I believe it is also Hirtenberger but manufactured at their Dordrecht plant in Holland.

Thanks Jim.

One more headstamp that is not included in the drawing is:

EK at 12 o’clock, M at 3 o’clock, 1926 at 6 o’clock, and E at 9 o’clock. I suspect this is Greek, but am not sure.

Yes, the “EK” is Greek.

Can any of these headstamps be specifically associated with the Spanish Republic? Several are clearly related to the Nationalist forces and others are, to me at least, unclear as to who their immediate user might have been. JG


Thanks Jon and John.

That M headstamped case I thought was a 7.92 x 57. I have asked the owner to verify this.

There is a considerable cotroversy about the actual origin of this cartridge.According to CIBELES Magazine, it was furnished by the Mexican goverment during the spanish Civil War. An ammunition recovery manual edited in 1942 says it is spanish manufacture. And other books that it

May I take this opportunity to thank Guy and all other contributors to this link. The munitions mentioned are mine. I must say how impressed I have been with the level of technical expertise. If this is an indication of the expertise and co-operation within the Association you should all be suitably proud. If I can supply any further assistance to aid these searches please do not hesitate to contact me. Finally many many thanks Guy I do appreciate your help.

About the cartridges with the M headstamp: if they are 7m/m and have a single offset flash-hole that would suggest Mexican origin. At least a good deal of Mexican 7m/m was so made, but I have no clear idea how general that might have been. Further, Mexican-made M93 clips are distinctly different from typical European-made ones. JG

The M headstamped case is 7mm.

Here are better drawings that include several more headstamps, with case dimensions. Double click on each to enlarge them.

First the 7 x 57mm:

Then five 8 x 57, plus one 52mm long oddball:

And finally a few rimmed cases, which I believe include two 8 x 50R Lebel, two 7.62 x 53R Russian, and one 8 x 50R Mannlicher: