7mm Bar and 6.35 Dutch Cattle Killer cartridges

While perusing my Cartridge Cases 1st edition by Per Arne Anderson, Vidar Andresen and Trond Stromstad I came upon a question about 2 cartridges.
The 7 mm Bar and 6.35 mm Dutch Cattle Killer on page 116 (SAA 0945) and on page 117 (SAA 0960) are virtually identical.
Does anyone have a picture of the 6.35mm Dutch Cattle Killer Cartridge and the pistol used to fire it?

Bob, besides they look different, the most notable difference in measurements is the bullet diameter (Dutch CK 6.25-6.40 mm vs. Bär 6.60-6.80 mm). Also, the Dutch is easily identificable because of a zinc bullet and a brass primer secured by a triple stab crimp. Note that the box is marked “Patronen voor Klein Vee” (Cartridges for small cattle).

Ducth CK2 Dutch CK