7mm Canne gun & who is Ar S


I was told this is a 7mm Canne gun flare cartridge.

1.547" / 39.31mm OAL,
.761" / 19.35mm case length,
.349" / 8.88mm rim,
.277" / 7.02mm head,
.273" / 6.95mm case mouth.

The mouth has a shiny black top wad or seal, almost flush with the mouth.

So two questions, is it for a 7mm canne gun, and just who is “Ar S”?


Pete, the “Ar S” is most likely to represent the designation “Artifices Sarbacane” meaning “Sarbacane Fireworks” which is used in SFM catalogues, rather than a person. This hs abbreviation is known on at least two different fireworks loadings (‘Petard’).


Most excellent Brad, THANKS a bunch, this thing as been bugging me for a long time.

Guess I sort of got hung up on a Petard !