7mm Hauck wildcat?

A recent acquisition, a Wilbur Hauck single shot rifle marked; 7mm
I have not done a chamber cast yet. But his appears to be based on a .348 Win. parent case. The rim groove of the chamber is .611" and the base diameter appears to be .555". Visual inspection shows a fairly abrupt shoulder of about 30degrees. With less taper than the parent case. Hauck made several proprietary cartridges that were one offs, is this another?

A quick update. A chamber cast was done a it appears to be the 7mm Gradle Express Rimmed. Another Hauck collector has some correspondence between Gradle and Wilbur Hauck and mention of chambering a rifle for this caliber is discussed. Apparently Wilbur sold him a couple of his actions also. It is a .348 Win. parent case. There will be an article in the Double Gun Journal on this and other Hauck rifles in the coming year.

Here is the Rifle # 248 article on the 7mm Gradle Express .

riflemagazine.com/magazine/P … ial%20.pdf


Thanks much!! It turns out I have that issue of Rifle Magazine. This is the round only rimmed. Thanks again.

Thank’s for sharing that article, very interesting wildcat. So it was gas-formed and not fireformed… wish I had one of those cases!

Give me a chance to get some cases formed and I think that can be arranged.

It is interesting that all the drawings I can find for the rimmed and rimless cases show a sharp angular shoulder. But the chamber casting and the Rifle magazine article clearly have a radiused shoulder.
Thanks for posting the Rifle article. I don’t recall reading the article but I have the issue.