7mm Headstamp ID



I have a plain brass case, brass primer, cncs projo 7mm Mauser round.

Headstamp reads 2 | S | 99 | CH |

The S is at 12 O’CLock and the headstamp is a 4 line segmented format similar to many WWI German 7.92 rounds. See lousy picture below.

Any idea who this was made by?



Never seen it! Possibly Solothurn, Chur (Switzerland)?
Got a spare???


Dave, nice headstamp. It was made in Kragujevac, Serbia.


Fede: I also wondered if the cartridge mightn’t be Serbian, but I couldn’t account for the Latin “S” at 12 o’clock. I can see the “CH” could, if Cyrillic, represent the Latin letters “SN.” Any idea? Jack


“CH” == Confederatio Helvetica ( official (Latin) name of Switzerland)…Not necessarily “Chur”…and that would match with the “S” “Solothurn”

It could still be a contract for Serbia in 1899 ( when they adopted the 7mm Mauser (M95 design) and the ammo.

? When did Kragujevac actually start producing 7mm ammo?

Even the conversions of the older BP rifles to 7mm only started after 1900.

Doc AV


Doc: I don’t know when Kragujevac began production of 7 m/m ammunition, but they produced blackpowder military cartridges years before this. Serbia’s first 7 m/m was the Mauser 1899 rifle, tho (without my books at hand) they may have bought some 1893s earlier. Jack


Thanks gents. Very interesting.