7mm Inside Primed NPE

Here is a 7mm inside primed new primed empty. It is unheadstamped.

Rim: 9.03mm
Base: 7.72mm
Neck: 7.72mm
Case L: 12.60mm
7mm IP NPE

7mm IP NPE primer
Inside primer.

Any thoughts what it is and who made it?


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The case dimensions match the 7mm Canne Ball case (aka 7x13R Walking Stick) but other French 7mm short cases are very similar to this (7mm Dumonthier 7mm Revolver).

Also, I have not seen an IP case for this caliber without a hs - is an image of the hs possible please ?

Being IP it is most likely of Gevelot, Gaupillat or SFM manufacture.

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Thanks for the reply. Here’s the base.
7mm IP NPE Head
Were these IP’s typically sold as NPE?


Paul, I doubt that these were offered as NPE - I can’t recall seeing any in catalogs. Some of the shot or propellant charges (blanks) may have been, as they could have different (powder/shot) loadings.

I can’t tell from the images whether yours had the bullet removed ?

WBD thanks again for your replys.
I don’t think it was ever loaded. The case doesn’t show any signs of a bullet crimp or any other indication it had been loaded.