7mm Mauser ID

What does the X mean on this headstamp? Sorry, still learning and all my books haven’t arrived yet.

image image

Keller & Co., Hirtenberg, Austria

It signifies October 1896; it was made in Hirtenberg, Austria by Keller and Co. for export to some country using the Mauser 7 m/m rifle. Jack

Ah, thanks Jack… the month is what I was looking for. Also, may I ask how you could ascertain as an export? Just wanna pick that brain of yours sir

Austria-Hungary did not use this caliber in the 1890s and was an active producer for ammunition for foreign sales. This round could have been one destined for Spain or the Afrikaans-speaking area of southern Africa. Jack

Thank you very much Jack for the information. I’m learning so much here in such a short time period!!

K&C made 7x57 ammo has been recovered on Boer War battlefields.

Very cool, nice piece of history for sure!