7mm Mauser NORMA and METALLVERKEN Similarity?

When looking at some 7x57 hs, I noticed how similar the following hs were.

The SM one is from municion.org and the NORMA one was shown in the IAA Journal #473 (Witts’s End).

The use of the double "1 1"s is unusual for Norma - possible a date or maybe a code of some time. Then I saw the SM which appears to be a Svenska Metallverken hs (??) with similar “6 6” lettering. As SM combined with Norma and went out of business in 1965, it is unlikely that this represents 1966 ??

So what are these codes ? Are these cartridges related in some way ?

Maybe this is common knowledge amongst Scandinavian Cartridge Collectors but it is a mystery to me.


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The first digit is the case series and the other is the lot number within that series
Please see Punnett 30-06 page 128

SM and Norma had a close cooperation, so it is not a surprise that both used this numbering system
Same was also used by Raufoss eg on 30-06 for which see picture below


A 9 mm Parabellum cartridge (a pretty scarce one) from Svenska Metallverken with a similar headstamp as the left one (except for “9mm” instead of “7x57”) was used on a contract to Chile in 1966. So the 7x57 could be a part of the same contract (?). I don’t know how close cooperation there was between Norma and SM, I would rather guess they were competitors… SM bought 50% of the shares in Norma in 1965 and eventually transferred it’s ammunition production to Norma, but as the new Norma factory in Åmotfors was not opened until 1967, it is not unlikey that SM finished the South American contract in 1966 in Västerås and then moved it’s ammunition activity to Åmotfors in 1967. 1965 is the last headstamp year on 9mmP and 7,62x51 form SM (026), by the way.

I have never seen the 1…1-code on a 7x57, but the same headstamp format was used on .30-06 by the Norwegian Norma factory in Oslo (“7,62mm” instead of “7x57”). At the RANO headstamps, which have similar codes, there are indications that the first (left) digit could have something to do with the case material (brass hardness). But the exact meaning of these codes are unfortunately not common knowlede here in Scandinavia either.

The codes that Rene shows, starts with 1…1 and run all the way up to 3…5 on .30-06. It is almost certain that these figures are case lot numbers. It is suggsted that 1…1 dates from the early 1960’s. According to my registrations, the boxes were undated until 1968, when they had reached case lot number 1…9. A box with case lot number 3…5 is dated 1977.


The SM 66 cartridges were definetly made by AB Svenska Metallverken for Chile in 1966 and 1967 (same headstamp used). This headstamp exist in 9 mm Parabellum, 7.62 x 51 mm NATO and 7 x 57 mm Mauser.

There are also 7.62 x 51 cartridges made in Sweden for Chile in 1963 and 1970 headstamped 6 SM 3 NATO and 7 N 0 7.62. The last ones are packed in boxes marked “AB Norma Projektilfabrik”.

Lot numbers shown in the boxes also indicates the loading date (6602, 6603, 6704, 7002).

I supplement with photographs of the cartridges and boxes that Fede mentioned, and I have collected in Chile.

In 7x57 mm

In 7,62x51 mm

In 9x19 mm


See the lot number in boxes


Claudio, I could not see your Photobucket images - probably an access rights issue - who else has the same problem. I use ImageShack and have not had such a problem (yet ?)

Thanks for everyone’s responses. It appears my original suspicions re these being related was not correct. From combining the above info:

The SM hs numbers show the date (1966) - at least I know that SM produced cartridges continued into at least 1967.

The Norma hs is not a date (it was shown in 2010) and is likely to be a case series/lot number which was likely also used by Raufross.

I can’t see the photographs either. Please upload them again; they are of great interest.

Sorry friends, there was a technical mistake to post the pictures. Now you can see them clearly.

You have information if this box is for the contract to Chile in 1966 of 7.62 caliber?. The box is very similar to 7x57.


I wait your comments. Gracias!!!


Claudio, is “N” on that 7.62x51 Norma now?

EOD, you’re right, the letter “N” at 12 o’clock on HS corresponds to NORMA. The box below is the one that contained, and is printed on the back “Norma Projektilfabrik AB”.


Claudio, yes, that is the box for cartridges headstamped 6 SM 6 7.62 and it also exist marked 97 6602 and 102 6705 (and probably many more lot variations). Un saludo grande, Fede.

Thanks Fede you are always a great help.

Saludos Amigo y Gracias.