7mm Mauser 'PF S'

I have a 7mm Mauser round with a commercial-looking headstamp of ‘P F S’. It was sold to me as a military round although I’m not convinced! I know it’s made by Patronenfabrik, Solothurn in Switzerland but can anybody confirm whether this is a military loading and, if so, when and for whom?

Jim - you don’t mention two critical things - the bullet type or whether or not PFS is the entire headstamp. If it is FMJ and a dated headstamp, it is almost certainly military. If it has a Soft nose or other form of sporting bullet, and has a caliber marking or simply has no date on the headstamp, it is probably commercial. If there are a combination of those features, we need a picture of the round and of the headstamp, unless someone simply knows the Solothurn 7 x 57s so well they can ID it with an inadequate description.

John Moss

Sorry John, I was being a bit lazy. having said that I have a feeling this cartridge was posted and identified a year or two ago so I hoped it would be quick and easy - well, that’s my excuse anyway! With a CNCS FMJ the cartridge looks military although the headstamp does not.

While I am inclined to believe the primer-sealed version might be a military contract, the problem is that this headstamp can be found on military and commercial loads, and the FMJ RN bullet, called a “solid” in sporting terms, was popular for sporting on thick-skinned animals. Your round could be either, and without a box label, I don’t know how anyone could identify it any closer.

In 7.9 x 57 Mauser I have the same headstamp in three loadings - Spitzer ball, unsealed primer; spitzer ball with sealed primer, and SF pointed ball with an unsealed primer. In those, I think the two spitzer FMJ rounds are military, but I could be wrong about that, too. Oddly, I have a P F S 26 dated round that is a sporting round, although I would bet that the case started life for military purposes, and was a left over or got side-tracked for sporting production.

We don’t seem to have any Swiss collectors active on the Forum which is sad, since they could probably tell us the answer.

John Moss