7mm Mauser WRA-50 headstamp

I just got a 7mm Mauser with a pointed GM FMJ bullet. The headstamp is “WRA-50 7 MM”. Does anyone know for what country this was made for at this late date.

Closest I’ve come is that it was on a “South American” contract, but no specific country mentioned. I’d like to know myself.

TAH DAH! I found the box. Here 'tis:
I knew I had it. Just had to find it.

Great! Now who was the 47 date made for?

Rick–Thank you. That certainly pins that one down.


If you’ll remember, last week I showed a 1953 Winchester box of Cal 30 M2 apparantly made for a S.A. country but the label had nothing to indicate who. I wonder why some boxes ID’d the country and some didn’t??


Anyone know about the 47 date with virtually the same WRA headstamp & bullet?


Well guess that answers that!
No one knows!
Who-da thought, fgured some one might know.
Silly me for asking what I thought was a related, honest question!
I’ll certainly not be a-doing that agin!

That, one word, unqualified answer certainly puts the 47 date WRA 7mm contract as one of the great mysterys of cartridge collecting, right up there with WRACo’s .70-150 thick rim.



I am the LEAST knowledgable on this forum, regarding small arms ammo. I just didn’t want you thinking your question was being ignored. And that I was somehow the knower of all things WRA. I just happened to have that box and a few rounds. Didn’t mean to sound so abrupt. I’m sure somebody out there can answer your question.